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Commercial Opportunities in Sustainability

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce is holding an event on October 17, 2018 that will explore some the commercial opportunities available in sustainability and the transition to a circular economy. Called the Circular Economy Forum, this inaugural event will bring together people from across the sustainability spectrum to discuss what the commercial opportunities are for Singapore and Singaporean businesses as the global economy transitions to a zero carbon, circular economy. This transition is happening and must happen at a rate of change unseen in economic transitions - this presents both risks and opportunities to businesses today. engeco is proud to be a knowledge partner for this event.

Dr. Amy Khor - Senior Minister of State, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and Ministry of Health will be the guest of honour and provide the opening remarks for the day. The keynote speech will be provided by Pascal de Petrini - Chairman, Asia at Danone. Danone are firmly committed to being part of the circular economy with regard to packaging so the keynote speech promises to be engaging and informative.

The event will then feature two detailed sessions and a panel discussion. The first session is focussed on the drivers that are moving the global economy to the zero carbon, circular economy. These drivers present a number of risks to businesses should they fail to acknowledge and act on this transition. The second session is focussed on the opportunities that are available in the circular economy and the business cases for change. Finally, the panel brings it all together in a discussion around what is the way forward for Singapore and Singaporean companies. Acknowledging that this transition is already underway, how can Singapore be best prepared to take advantage of the change and thrive into the future.

You can get further details on the event by clicking here or by getting in touch with either the SICC direct or on

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