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Vision statement


engeco is the leading voice providing expert advisory on energy and climate change strategy in Australasia.


Mission statement

engeco provides clear, achievable strategies to help companies, NGOs and Governments prepare for the major transition to a low carbon, alternative energy future. 

engeco who we are


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Marc is an experienced chemical engineer with close to 20 years’ experience – and 10 years working directly in energy, greenhouse gas management and climate change strategy.


Throughout his career, Marc has provided advice on energy and climate change strategy to some of the biggest companies in the world – particularly in the resources industry.


Marc’s technical skills, strategic thinking and outstanding understanding of climate change policy issues, risks and opportunities make him an invaluable asset to clients.

Marc Allen - Founder & Technical Director


Michèle is a mechanical and production engineer with 15+ years of experience. Passionate about sustainability issues, Michèle is certified in Corporate Sustainability and Low Carbon Strategy.


Michèle has a comprehensive understanding of business models and operational processes across diverse industries and sectors.


Michèle's strengths are her analytical and problem-solving skills, her customer driven mindset and her high motivation to assist our customers in their transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Michèle Dyson - Senior Consultant


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