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Providing your business with expert advisory on climate change and energy strategy 

to help your organisation lead the way to the low carbon economy.

Climate change strategy

Minimising your exposure to climate change risk and maximising opportunities for your organisation to develop and implement a robust strategy for business resilience in the low carbon economy.



Assessing and optimising your organisation’s energy consumption to increase productivity and reduce operational costs whilst reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.


& Offsets

Accelerating your organisation’s transition to the low carbon economy through applying technical solutions to abate carbon emissions and providing advice on how best to offset remaining greenhouse gas emissions.



Assisting our customers in complying with legislated reporting requirements for greenhouse gas and energy reporting, preparing for assurance audits and with voluntary reporting expectations from non-government organisations.



Quantifying and analysing your organisation’s carbon emissions for operations, assets, products and activities to quantify their environmental impact and advise on how best to action to reduce it. 



Helping companies assign a market value to carbon emissions, manage exposure to actual and potential carbon prices, make decisions around least cost compliance in carbon markets and to drive abatement and offset strategies.

TCFD analysis

& disclosure

Analysing your organisation's  exposure to climate change risk using the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure framework – which provides guidance on disclosing the financial impacts of climate change to the market.

Climate change training

Helping you and your stakeholders understand climate change and climate risk to embed strategic consideration of climate change at all levels of your business.

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engeco strives to help organisations meet the United Nations Sustainable Goals 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 and 17.

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