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Singapore's national climate change strategy

The Singaporean Government's focus on climate change has increased these last months with several major announcements:

  • In February, Singapore's Budget 2020 was presented with a focus on climate change and sustainability

  • On the 4th of March, a series of new announcements were made at the COS – Committee of Supply - debates to present in more detail some of the measures taken by the Government to address the challenges of climate change

  • On the 30th of March, the enhanced NDC was presented, followed the day after by the LEDS - Low-Emissions Development Strategy

These announcements added to those made the previous years, affect businesses and organisations operating in Singapore at various levels. To help untangle the policies organizations are required to comply with, and understand the impact of Singapore's national climate change strategy, engeco analysed and consolidated in one document the main policies and strategies that can affect businesses, underlining the risks and opportunities.

In the current context of the COVID 19 crisis, economic recovery is the priority for all organisations, however short-term recovery plans should be compatible with the mid to long-term goals which need to be set to build a resilient, low-carbon economy.

Open or download the document here:

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