Market opportunities (and risks) from climate change

Action on climate change hastens an energy transition that was potentially going to occur naturally This change from the current economy to a new, low-carbon economy must happen relatively fast (given the scale of change required) to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement The change presents both risks and opportunities to businesses today and it's wise to take a strategic approach and be prepared for what may happen It's clear, and I've written many times, that the energy sys

BlackRock - throwing down the gauntlet

Investors are becoming more vocal in their requests for disclosure of climate risk BlackRock have made it clear to companies that they will be engaging with companies on an ongoing basis and will not hesitate to exercise their rights through voting This is an issue that boards must consider as part of ongoing strategic discussions BlackRock is a big player in investment. As of 31 December 2017, they had almost $6.3 trillion (USD) of assets under management. They have sharehol