Singapore's carbon tax - how does it compare?

The Singapore carbon tax is coming - applicable to emissions from 2019 onwards The price point by the Government is broadly aligned with a number of other schemes globally Businesses should seek to understand the direct or indirect impact of the carbon tax on them and consider exploring scenarios where the level of ambition for Singapore emissions reductions is increased Businesses can also consider what efficiency or alternative energy options might be available to them to r

Carbon pricing - what's happening in China and Singapore?

In coming months, the world's biggest carbon market is planned to be launch. Current estimates suggest that China's national carbon trading scheme will be launched in November at the earliest, though the launch of the scheme has been delayed already from early 2017 to July 2017 and now to November. The model being proposed for China is a cap and trade emissions trading scheme. In this type of scheme, emitters are required to obtain and acquit permits for each tonne of emissio